Your Real Estate Team

Having a great Real Estate Team is very important when purchasing in New York City. This team consists of your Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Attorney, and Mortgage Consultant.

First is your Real Estate Broker

I act as your personal consultant and expert negotiator.
I communicate with everyone including other brokers, real estate attorneys, management companies, mortgage consultants and I am the one working for you to make sure that every part of the process is seamless and in harmony. You have a goal and I make things happen for you.
Now this is MY personal work ethic and not all brokers perform at the same level or have the same high standards that I do, so if you aren’t working with me, hopefully you have a great broker running the show.

Next is your Real Estate Attorney

Once your offer is accepted, the seller will send a contract to your attorney.
This is a VERY important part of the process. Your attorney will negotiate the terms of the contract on your behalf, research the building, their financials, read the minutes from the board meetings, and make sure that the building is a safe investment for you. They need to do their due
diligence accurately and also in a timely manner. I personally ONLY recommend using an attorney who is local to NYC and specializes in Real Estate Transactions. I cannot stress this enough. Please work with a Transactional Real Estate Attorney who practices here in NYC. If not, they can easily kill your deal. Ive seen it happen. This is something that your real estate broker can help you figure out beforehand, so you don’t waste time looking at co-ops you will not qualify for.


A very important person, assuming you need a mortgage for your purchase. Before your search, they will pre approve you for a loan and help give you a sense of what you can afford. It’s very important to know what a bank is willing to lend you, before you start looking at apartments. They will go over the down payment, closing costs and get you a mortgage pre approval letter which you will need to submit when you are ready to present an offer. I also like to recommend local mortgage consultants, because NYC is quite different than other areas, especially when co-ops are involved. Not all banks are able to give you the same KINDS of loans, so keep that in mind too. I have relationships at most of the major banks that do business in NYC.


I always present my clients with several referrals when we meet and when they choose to work with my preferred attorneys or mortgage consultants, the deal usually goes much smoother. Not only because I am recommending top professionals who are very good at what they do and a pleasure to work with, but also because I already have established relationships with them and know that they will get the job done. I also only refer professionals who are very responsive and there when I need them to be. There can be several points in the deal process where we need the real estate attorney or mortgage consultant to act immediately and the professionals I refer are ones who I can call, email, or text and I will get a response.

There are also extended members of your team including a mover, contractor, architect, interior designer, insurance agent, and more. If you need any referrals, let me know, as I have solid network of professionals I rely on.

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