Buying in NYC

New York City is one of the most diverse and competitive real estate markets in the world, and we understand that making the decision to buy a home here can be a particularly overwhelming experience. From mastering the difference between condos and co-ops, to planning for closing costs, to approaching the board approval process, there’s a lot to learn.

I love talking about this topic and I can go on for hours, but don’t worry. It wont take that long to make my point, which is…
EVERYONE purchasing a home in New York City should work with a buyer’s broker!

As an experienced NYC real estate broker, I have worked with many first time buyers over the years. This is a basic outline of the process from beginning to end.​

I find that most first time buyers have a limited knowledge of co-ops so it’s one of the first topics I like to discuss when we meet. So lets get to it!

Having a great Real Estate Team is very important when purchasing in New York City.
This team consists of your Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Attorney, and Mortgage Consultant.

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