Selling in NYC

Whether you’re ready to sell or looking for answers, I will guide you with data and expertise specific to your needs. As a seasoned expert, I will use our proprietary tools to price and position your home to find the best buyer in the least amount of time.

In NYC, Almost all of the listings you’ll come across in your search are listed by a real estate broker, as most sellers realize that it’s necessary in order to sell your home quickly, effectively, and for the highest price.

Listing your Home with
Scott Rubin / Compass

Your Transaction Timeline

Backed by a proven process, Compass listings spend 19 fewer days on market than the industry average. A swifter sale means a more seamless seller experience and greater value for you.

Your Marketing Timeline

Working with our in-house marketing and advertising agency, I will target the right audience across the most effective channels through cohesive branding — all to elevate the style and story of your home.


Proponents of powerful imagery, Compass invests in visuals editors, creative producers, and the industry's most respected photographers to capture your home's finest selling points.


When prospective buyers evaluate a home, they seek a space that they can make their own. A few simple shifts can dramatically impact your listing's perceived appeal.

Pre-Marketing Your Home

Drive buyer interest and buzz with Compass Coming Soon, which affords prospective buyers a glimpse of your home before it officially comes on the market.

Sourcing Your Buyer

The next owner of your home could be searching for properties anywhere. That’s why I’ll pair predictive data with a multifaceted marketing plan — to ensure your listing is seen by each and every prospect.

Networking Capabilities

Aided by state-of-the-art Compass technology, I'm strategically connected to the market's entire brokerage community.

Innovative Signage

Illuminating and interactive, our reimagined real estate sign engages prospective buyers and surfaces the most resonant information regarding your listing.

Open House Events

There's no better way for buyers to experience a home's merits than in person. Our seamless, well-conceived open houses invite them to truly connect with the space.

Print Materials

Every single Compass marketing piece from multipage brochures to custom mailers to open house handouts creates a cohesive story around your property and elevates it to luxury status.

Digital Presence

At the forefront of modern marketing, Compass takes a multi-pronged approach to the digital promotion of your property.

Social Media

We engage brokers and buyers every day across five dynamic platforms. With this suite of promotional opportunities, your home will be spotlighted in a real-time, relatable, and quantifiable way.


Our in-house media team has fostered relationships with key print and digital publications. Based on your buyer profile, I'm able to craft an effective, targeted campaign strategy unique to your listing.

National Advertising

Our in-house media team has fostered relationships with key print and digital publications. Based on your buyer profile, I'm able to craft an effective, targeted campaign strategy unique to your listing.

Regional Advertising

Using an array of high-impact opportunities, we put our listings at the local intersections that matter most.

Drive Traffic to Your Listing

We attract prospective buyers to, then leverage their site activity and saved preferences to position your listing in front of the right audience.

Intelligent Digital Marketing

We can promote your listing on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, using data and industry experience to showcase your property to the right people at the right time.

Global Presence

Owing to a considered geo-targeting strategy, Compass listings have a digital presence in over 50 nations around the world.

How will I monitor the market?

Called the Pinterest of real estate, Collections allows us to track the local landscape for the duration of your sale in a centralized, visual space.

How will I assess our strategy?

Using our digital dashboard, I can communicate the key metrics you need to know in an easy-to-understand format and make informed marketing decisions for your home.

Pricing Your Property

Intelligent pricing is among the most crucial determinants of a successful sale. By considering both timing and value, I’m able to strategically assess your home and price it for maximum impact.

What is the value of your property?

Our team of industry-leading software engineers and data scientists have created competitive analytical tools that empower me to confidently answer this key question.

The Compass Advantage

Compass takes a tech-driven, personalized approach, combining a collaborative agent community, in-house creative agency, and the industry’s most tenured leadership team.

A Nationwide Network

Since our launch in 2012, we’ve aimed to simplify the real estate process, one market at a time. With 80+ offices across 14 regions, Compass is the country’s fastest-growing, most innovative brokerage.

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