I love talking about this topic and I can go on for hours, but don’t worry. It wont take that long to make my point, which is…
EVERYONE purchasing a home in New York City should work with a buyer’s broker!

As an experienced NYC real estate broker, I have worked with many first time buyers over the years. This is a basic outline of the process from beginning to end.​

I find that most first time buyers have a limited knowledge of co-ops so it’s one of the first topics I like to discuss when we meet. So lets get to it!

Having a great Real Estate Team is very important when purchasing in New York City.
This team consists of your Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Attorney, and Mortgage Consultant.

In NYC, Almost all of the listings you’ll come across in your search are listed by a real estate broker, as most sellers realize that it’s necessary in order to sell your home quickly, effectively, and for the highest price.

Whether you own one investment property or multiple rental buildings, it’s very important for a landlord to list their apartments with an experienced real estate broker. I personally have closed over a thousand rental transactions on both the landlord’s side and the tenant’s side, and I think that working with a landlord’s agent is a no brainer.

I have closed hundreds of rental deals over the years and respect how “crazy” the process may seem, especially to those coming from outside of NYC. Let’s go over the rental application process and hopefully it will make more sense to you by the end of this video.

Scott Rubin

New York City Real Estate Broker

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